Grand Opening



Our journey became some time ago to combine professionals together to meet all your beauty needs. The stages of ageing and the current trends of today, at times we feel we are not enough… From the early days of grooming, to maintain, to make the changes in cosmetic surgery of today.


Welcome to the beauty spa of the future.

3D approach to wellness - Is all about looking fresher, and feeling good in your own skin.

  • Mind: feeling good about yourself, and getting rid of limiting belief about how you feel about you is a big part of today beauty concept. Our Neuron linguistic programming, to give you the positive thought and beliefs about your self.
  • Beauty services: beauty Maintenance, facials, tans, tinting, beauty equipment, body shaping, & Perfection eyebrows are the little things that make a difference to looking your best, it’s when you look in the mirror and see how taking care of yourself now, can make all the difference on how you age.
  • Cosmetic surgery: Is the next step up, the experience well known Dr Eugene Jackson of Drummoyne, one of the leading specialist in Rejuvenating facelifts, giving his patients satisfaction and happiness, known for his kind bedside manner, knowing patience need the pre and post-operative care for the best results.
  • Case study: A single mum, raising her children into adult life, still in the workforce, only she was feeling older than her personality, she decided to take the next step and had the rejuvenating face-lift procedure. Back to work, feeling great and looking soft and natural.