Impact Fat Loss

Impact Body Shaping

Impact Fat loss is body sculpting with no anaesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is instant loss of fat cells. It is for the areas that won't budge with general exercise.

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound field creates the bubbles in the liquid which gradually grow and implode at a certain size. The energy is in the form of heat (minor effect) and a pressure wave is released. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them while spearing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue. The result is instant fat loss.

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Imagine waking up in the morning and standing in front of the mirror. You glance at your abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Usually this is a moment you dread and most times you scamper past the mirror too ashamed to look. But instead of seeing the bloated stomach, the chunky thighs and those ugly "bits", your eyes are drawn to a new slender waistline, slimmer hips and thighs and the smooth silkiness of your skin. Your body has miraculously re-shaped, your cellulite is gone, your fat disappeared... and so has your self-consciousness...

This is your New Reality!
With scientific research and technological advancement, a hidden hormone that could tap into abnormal fat deposits and "Eat It Right Out Of The Body"!


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a complex protein hormone that appears to release the abnormal reserves of long term stored fat. This means you not only lose kilos, you lose centimetres around your "bits". Not only does it help you lose weight quickly and easily, but it also appears to help reset the body's metabolism. This means that your weight not only comes off, it stays off. No more yo-yo dieting or fad diets again.

And results can happen quickly....within weeks of doing your first phase:

Spring Clean Intensive Phase 1, you will notice subtle changes in your body as many of your Fat Loss Roadblocks begin to melt away. Your abdomen feels more comfortable, your complexion becomes clearer, your fat mobilises and your energy soars.

With this Program, I lost 12 kilos in all the right places. I was never hungry and felt great even though a bit tired sometimes. I was thoroughly detoxified prior to beginning the Fat Burn stage 2 and that was the absolute key to creating a great result for me. A thorough preparation for dealing with the waste.

Now I fit into all my clothes and feel like me again and the program is a small price to pay for a slim and healthy body. I highly recommend this program but only to those who are prepared to detoxify thoroughly and stay exactly true to the guidelines. No point wasting your time or money if you don't do the basics. So step up and shape down.