Have you heard of Meso Body Science?

Meso Body ScienceIf not, you should take notice here if you suffer from slack skin and related imperfections such as cellulite.


Skin imperfections


This term actually covers a wide range of situations.


Aged skin, dry skin, stretch marks, they’re all examples of things that can leave us looking a little worse for wear.


There are literally dozens of potential causes. Obesity, over-enthusiastic dieting, pregnancy and childbirth, poor skin moisturising, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays and even exercise – they can all cause problems for our skin.


Once upon a time, people would have simply said “put up with it” or “it’s the price of aging” – but that’s no longer necessary.


Meso Body science


There is now a series of treatments available that can address many of these problems.


For example, MesoSlim is an electro-therapy treatment that directs vitamins and natural product extracts into areas of the skin where they’re most needed.


MesoFirmness involves the use of electrical stimulation to firm up muscle and skin tone.


The results can be extraordinary but the exact regime required will be dictated by your unique body and skin condition plus your own requirements.


The first step is usually a full examination and a discussion with you about areas you want to see improved.  You can then agree the exact programme of events, based upon Meso Body sciences, to be followed.


Some treatments may be one-off, yet others may involve a series of sessions whilst others again may involve regular treatments that are incorporated into your regular lifestyle.


SK Skin Clinic Expertise


Why not contact us for an initial assessment of your needs?  In a standard day session at our spa, we’ll quickly identify what treatments might benefit you and show you some examples of successes from our extensive track record.