The Spray Tan – Your Questions Answered

spray tanning  Here are some of the questions we at SK Skin Clinic sometimes hear on the subject of spray tanning.


Does it work?

Yes, or we wouldn’t be proposing it to our clients!

In fact, many of our spray tanclients are repeat regular customers.


Why do some people look great after spray tanning and others look ‘odd’?

None of our customers ever look ‘odd’ after a session.

However, we do know what you mean because we’ve all seen some people who look ‘not quite right’ after a spray tantreatment.

In our experience, that’s usually because they’ve not gone to a professional for their spray treatment. Using cheap products, inexperienced practitioners or ‘DIY’ approaches is a recipe for disappointment.


Can I get the exact colour I want?

Please discuss this with us as space doesn’t really permit a full discussion.

Suffice it to say here that we have vast experience in this area and can discuss colour shades with you taking into account our knowledge and expertise plus your preferences.


Do some colours work better with some people than others?

In our experience, most certainly yes.

If you look at people who have tanned ‘naturally’ under the sun, the final result varies depending upon a number of factors including their age and genetic skin type.

It’s important to think about things in a holistic sense rather than simply to get hooked on the concept of a spray tan colour you’ve seen in a magazine photo or online because in reality, it just might not look right for you.


Does it hurt?


It’s entirely painless. Even the drying process is done at very comfortable temperatures.


Can I just turn up and get it done?

We do have a few simple instructions (or perhaps more correctly advice) we’d like you to follow on the day of the treatment itself. This is intended to ensure the best possible results so it’s worth taking them seriously.

Of course, booking a spray tantreatment is always advisable rather than just ‘turning up’!